Arizona Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month October 7- October 11, 2019

The Arizona Capitol and the office of the governor.


Full Blede Newspaper in Los Angeles October 19

I'm pleased that my work is part of Issue Ten: The Undertaking.
I'm delighted to announce that the issue will launch at Lowell Ryan Projects in LA in conjunction with the opening reception for Alicia Piller: Spirit of the Time, on Saturday, October 19, 7-9p. I hope you can make it and we can have a cheers! Subscriptions are available via Patreon (get all future issues automatically mailed to you) or you can order individual copies. Free downloads of The Undertaking will be available just a few weeks after the launch. Visit fullblede.com for all the details.

Sanctuary Hotel in Paradise Valley, AZ. ‘Artist in Residence’ Program November 1- November 30

I was invited to be The Sanctuary’s ‘Artist in Residence’ artist in November. The program exhibits artwork of its selected artists and holds receptions for guests and local community. Additionally, the featured artist will hold workshops situated in this inspirational setting.

The evening Receptions usually are scheduled for the first week of the month. More details to follow.

Xico Inc - Latin & Native American Arts Organization: Saturday, November 2, 2019

Unframed! A glowing interactive celebration of life. Group show

7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Public Art Project for Alamar Community in Avondale Arizona.

I was selected to design an public art piece for the one of the parks at Alamar residential community to be completed in the middle of 2020. More details to follow.

Scottsdale Civic Center Gallery: April 10, 6-9 pm 2020

Abstract Journeys of Mutation, Bill Dambrova and Fausto Fernandez.


Xico Inc - Latin & Native American Arts Organization: September 6- October 17, 2019

Art Dissolves Borders, an all-media group exhibition of artwork from over 20 artists with different backgrounds and art mediums.
Join us for our opening reception on September 6, 2019 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

1008 East Buckeye Road Suite 220, Phoenix, AZ, 85034

Estrella Mountain Community College. Avondale Arizona.

Solo show, August 15, 2019 -- October 30, 2019.

The series of five paintings presented here is called the “Math Series”, a series of conceptual paintings and mixed media collages that reference mechanical objects in pair with mathematical equations as metaphors to human relationships.
The number five is a recurrent number in the series. I wanted to use an odd number to break the symmetry, a way to break the number from being perfect, or even, in reference to relationships not always being perfect. They are five paintings with a five-inch border, and a variation of 5 black lines in each painting. The dark backgrounds are symbolic to chalk boards. I looked for mathematical formulas online that paired with human relationships and the image that corresponds to each painting.
I explore with different aesthetic compositions in my work and create artworks in series. This series from 2012 is made with collage, acrylics, oil pastels and spray paint on canvas.


Turner Carroll Gallery Santa Fe, NM.

May 17 – June 10, 2019 | Fausto Fernandez: Progression Through Colors


Turner Carroll Gallery show.jpg

ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL REVIEW MAY 19, 2019 https://www.abqjournal.com

This work is inspired by the development of my own thoughts and experiences as part of narrative from previous paintings. I apply found materials that help me express my stories in metaphors, stories of my relationships, the brief interest I had in graphic design before transitioning to computers, and the influence of art history that challenged me to explore alternative forms of expression.

In these works I limit the amount of collage and allow the solid colors to dominate, primarily black.  Black to me suggests mystery; the presence of it reminds me of a monolith or a monument, something powerful waiting to be discovered. The black color is suggesting a revelation that creates a new way of thinking taking over the place of the paper collage that represents my thoughts and ideas of the past.  

In thinking about power, I titled these paintings after Aztec gods because they are a representation of something that is powerful, just like any other life-force or divine spirits that pervades nature and humanity.

 I use wallpaper and instructional materials such as architectural drawings and maps. I consider instructions as metaphors to rituals in society that provide us direction in our lives, something that we also seek in discovering purpose in our life.

 Everyday objects, diagrammatic sources, including sewing patterns are commercially manufactured items. Like many artists of my generation, I borrow freely from the art of the past. Pop artists consistently look for mundane objects and abandon the their conventional use to present them in a different way. Strong lines and organic shapes anchor the free-floating elements, which I weave together. Inspired by the abstract expressionist, these paintings consist of “action and gesture” resulting in an emotional and painterly display.



11th Anniversary Print Show, April 1-April 30, 2019

Reception: First Friday April 5th 7-9

5070 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona

Our April show will feature the 11th edition of works by artist from all over Arizona.

These works-- and the passion and insights that they encourage-- are a testament to why we do what we do. Therefore, thank you, to all of the Practical Art artists who make our shop, the Phoenix community, and the great state of Arizona a more inspiring place to live, work, and grow. Preview HERE!


XICO.INC Containers on Roosevelt. Phoenix, AZ. April 5

425 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 8500

container small.jpg

These prints were made during my time as a guest artist at the printmaking studio at XICO.INC. ¬- Latin & Native American Arts Organization.
For three days I spent time learning the silkscreen and printing press process. The experience making these prints allowed me the value of problem solving, layering materials, cutting stencils, spraying over them, and running around cleaning tools and screens.

The prints are an extension of my current series of paintings on canvas that are layered with collage, acrylics, spray paint, and in some cases found materials.
In my paintings I apply everyday objects, such as flower drawings, sewing patterns, wallpaper, and diagrammatic sources that are commercially manufactured items. Like many artists I borrow freely from the art of the past, pop artists consistently look for mundane objects and abandon the their conventional use to present them in a different way. In college I studied graphic design along with painting, and my skills as a designer bare a strong imprint on the paintings and collages. Strong lines and geometric shapes anchor the free-floating elements, which I weave together. Inspired by the abstract expressionist, these paintings consist of “action and gesture” resulting in an emotional and painterly display.


Tempe Center for the arts (small).jpg

The word “retro” describes things like clothes, cars and music that reflect styles and design elements from the past. Artists are often asked, where do you get your ideas? While the creative spark is different for every individual, this exhibition explores the inspirations and art making processes of ten Arizona-based artists. Through personal retrospection, these artists give us a glimpse into how each of them absorbs, filters and reacts to ideas from the past to make relevant work in today’s rapidly changing world.

Link to Tempe Center for the Arts : “RETRO REACTION”


TEMPE CENTER FOR THE ARTS. Tempe Arizona, September 14,2018

La Piñata Zombie Asesina

The Monster Stories exhibition celebrates the 200th anniversary of the novel, Frankenstein, by exploring the monster genre in popular culture, literature, mythology and the idea of the “other” in society. Mary Shelley’s groundbreaking work continues to spark relevant discussions about science, technology and humanity. Inspired by the ongoing popularity of the genre, the Gallery at TCA features works from local and national artists, toys and memorabilia from private collections and a range of public programs that reflect on timeless questions such as “who is the real monster?"
Free Public Reception
Sept 14 | 6-9 pm | Free | Gallery


Turner Carroll Gallery ( Santa Fe, NM)  Friday, April 12 through April 15

The Dallas Art Fair



I am participating in a Q&A after the presentation of this documentary that includes the process of my artwork at East Rancho Dominguez Park in East Compton California

Civic Art: Four Stories from South Los Angeles follows the rarely witnessed, intricate process of one of the most mysterious and controversial art forms affecting the public at large. This documentary entertainingly delves into the requisite political journeys navigated by Los Angeles-based artists as they wrestle with myriad social sensitivities, budgetary constraints and technical variables. Attempting to stay true to their art process and aesthetic tendencies, these artists negotiate with the government and the neighborhoods to produce ambitious, permanent, large-scale art projects. With the intent to alleviate graffiti and amplify use of shared public spaces, these projects explore the extensive social power of art within four neighborhoods in South Los Angeles County. Civic Art highlights the vital, complicated and often misunderstood efforts behind artwork made with and for the public that often prompts questions such as: “Why is that there?”, "Who made that?” and “Am I paying for it?” The answers are both surprising and illuminating in this rare peek behind an ever-present bureaucratic curtain within a U.S democratic culture.


Thomas Lawson Book


Preview video link:




Crossing Boundaries I February 2- February 24, 2018

This exhibition is inspired by Dr. Lowery Sims’ exhibition curated for 516 Arts:  A Contemporary Museum, titled The US-Mexico Border:  Place, Imagination, and Possibility. In a time when national identification is in the forefront of discourse, it is compelling to explore paintings by artists like Fausto Fernandez, who are literally from–and part of–two worlds.  Fernandez is part of Mexico as well as the United States.  His painting crosses boundaries of media and meaning.  Yet, his paintings are gloriously beautiful, and regardless of whether we identify Fernandez as a Mexican, American, Mexican/American, or American/Mexican, his paintings touch our souls in a way only art can do, and they enhance our civilization.

Please come see them in person, from February 2-24 at Turner Carroll Gallery.

Opening Reception Friday, February 2, 2018 from 5 to 7pm
[n.b. that this event takes place in Santa Fe]






Dress Matters: Clothing as Metaphor. October 18, 2017-February 18, 2018.


Dress Matters: Clothing as Metaphor examines clothing in art as symbols of power and identity. Artists use garments to address interpersonal issues and conditions as well as to relay stories and raise issues about gender, age, history, society, race, and culture.




To See Is to Have: Navigating Today’s Art Ecosystem. May 18, 2017 to August 6, 2017

The exhibition features works of art from the private collections of members of the McNay Contemporary Collectors Forum (MCCF)


Turner Carroll Gallery ( Santa Fe, NM)  Friday, April 7 through Sunday, April 9, 2017

Prominent national and international art dealers and galleries will exhibit painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, video, and installation by modern and contemporary artists at the ninth annual Dallas Art Fair located in the revitalized downtown Arts District.

The Dallas Art Fair


Artists include Wanxin Zhang (China), Georges Mazilu (Romania), Drew Tal (Israel), Traian Filip (Romania), Fausto Fernandez (Mexico), Hung Liu (China), and Igor Melnikov (Russia).

Santa Fe Arts Journal