Helios Artwork Concept Design

“Power of Expression Through Mark Making” in progress, expected to be completed in August 2019

My concept design is inspired by the rich colors of Arizona’s minerals. Symbolic expression is inspired by stream lines and map drawings in trade routes and reflected in my art as gesture marks. These gesture marks represent natural forms as well as the art of learning and creating, all components of a complete and well-rounded education.

My intention is to create a welcoming contemporary art piece that is light hearted and in line with the contemporary feel of my artwork and the design of the new Helios Education Foundation building.

In thinking about the Helios education beliefs: changing lives, investing in education and collaboration, I present the power of expression through mark making as an artistic concept. This represents the power of collaboration between the artists and Helios, something very personal to me, especially since education art have changed my life.

Icon Studio small .jpg